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Numerical Simulation of Nano-Filtration to Separate Nanoparticles From Nano- fluid(NEPCM)

Conference Name: ASME
Location: Atlanta,GA
Date: 03/2012

List of Authors:
Md Haroon Sheikh, Dr.M.A.R.Sharif


Phase change materials (PCM) are used to store energy as alatent heat of fusion.In order to enhance thermal conductivity of PCM, highly-conductive nanoparticles are added.The resulting colloidal mixture with the nanoparticles in suspension is referred as nanoparticle enhanced phase change materials (NEPCM).A commonly used PCM for energy storage application is the family of paraffins (CnH2n+2), eg. Dodecane, Eicosane.Mixing copper oxide (CuO) nanoparticles (with stabilizing coating of ligands) in the paraffin produces highly efficient NEPCM for energy storage.After useful life cycle NEPCM needs replacement, because of nanoparticle agglomeration resulting in reduced performance.Disposal of the used NECPM containing the nanoparticles is a matter of concern : environmental and health hazards.This issue requires an immediate attention due to predicated widespread applications of NEPCM .It is thus important to develop technologies to separate the nanoparticles before the disposal of the NEPCM. This is the motivation of this study.In this presentation nanofiltration using numerical method has been presented to simulate the filtration of NEPCM using a fiber filter.

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