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Alex Scammell

Mechanical Engineering

University of Maryland

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Alex Scammell was a member of the NePCM research group from August 2009 to May 2011 and was awarded an undergraduate research fellowship during that time to fund his research.  Specifically, he investigated the heat transfer enhancement of n-octadecane with a porous aluminum foam through a melting experiment.  It was found that the addition of the foam significantly increased the velocity of the melting front and therefore the effective thermal conductivity of the system.

Now Alex is a graduate research fellow at the University of Maryland near Washington D.C.  He was awarded a NASA NSTRF graduate fellowship to fund his current research on the effects of tube diameter and gravity level on vertical upward flow boiling.  Three flight campaigns on NASA sponsored Zero-G parabolic flights have shown that a reduction of gravity level decreases the tube heat flux required to dry out the tube surface, also known as critical heat flux (CHF).  The knowledge of onset of CHF is critical in the design of space heat exchangers, so that catastrophic temperature rise of electronic equipment does not occur.

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